About Andy
Andy Landis is one of the nation’s foremost
authorities on Social Security and Medicare, in
demand nationwide as an author, speaker, and

Andy is the author of the bestselling book
Security: The Inside Story
, called the “Social Security
bible” and available from Amazon.

He is a regular blogger for the Wall Street Journal’s
“MarketWatch” site. He has appeared on TV’s Fox
Business News and PBS, and is a frequent guest on

Andy has guided tens of thousands to abundant
retirements while working at the Social Security
Administration, AARP, multi-national corporations,
and his own practice, Thinking Retirement.

Through Thinking Retirement, Andy educates both
individuals and financial professionals with live
workshops, books, articles, webinars, and
professional education courses.

Andy lives in Seattle with Kay,
Cody dog, keyboards,
camper, computers, cars, and sometimes kids.
Thinking Retirement